About us

At the Gateway Dental Centre we can offer all the treatments under IV sedation,oral sedation and Nitrous oxide(Laughing Gas). IV sedation works by introducing a sedative agent through the veins putting the person almost to sleep. This is for the nervous patients to reduce their anxiety and give them a more relaxing experience.

We offer

General Dentistry

Including, white fillings i.e. metal free or mercury free fillings, Cleaning, Crowns and Bridges, partial dentures, over dentures and complete Dentures.

Cosmetic Dentistry 

We offer laser teeth whitening which acts like the Zoom whitening system sometimes used on the television program “extreme makeover“, Veneers, bonding and white fillings

Surgical Dentistry 

Including Extractions and wisdom teeth removal, Periodontal and gum Surgeries

Implant Dentistry 

Includes Dental Implants for individual and multiple missing teeth including implants retained/supported dentures. 

Family dentistry 

We take care for your parents as well as  children’s dentistry.


We offers Invaslign orthodontics which is invisible/removable braces.

Root Canal Treatments 

We performs root canals on anterior and posterior teeth including some endodontic re treatments.

Our staff