General Dentistry

General dentistry concerns the health and maintenance of your teeth and gums, such as cleanings, repairs, disease prevention, and more. 

Dentistry involves the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of conditions, disorders and diseases affecting the teeth, gums and maxillofacial (associated with the jaw and face) region of the body.

The majority of dental treatments are carried out to prevent or treat the two most common oral diseases which are dental caries(tooth decay) and periodontal disease (gum disease or pyorrhea). Common treatments involve the restoration of teeth, extraction or surgical removal of teeth, scaling and root planing and endodontic root canal treatment.


  Cosmetic Dentistry
  A smile can be the most eye-catching feature of a face.With dentistry's many advances, you no longer have to settle for stained,
  chipped, or misshapen teeth.
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  Teeth Whitening
  For the individual interested in whitening their teeth, we have two options available: laser whitening or home whitening.
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  Intra oral Camera
  We want you to be well informed about all aspects of your dental health, we've invested in an intra oral video camera. It allows you to
  see what we see!
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  A sealant is a thin plastic coating that fills in the grooves of molars and premolars. These grooves collect plaque, food and bacteria.
  Toothbrush bristles usually can't reach.
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  Custom-Created Inlays
  Inlays restore back teeth. We recommend inlays because they are one of the highest quality options available. They preserve tooth  
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  Orthodontics & Invisalign
  Orthodontists are specially trained, use braces and other corrective procedures to achieve tooth and jaw alignment. This correction
  and supportive structures makes a healthy, attractive smile.
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