Dr. Shishir Vora

Dr. Shishir Vora has over 18 years of experience in all aspects of Dentistry. He achieved his D.D.S. degree from Dalhousie University in Halifax. While doing his DDS at Dalhousie Dr. Vora also did a one year didactic and a clinical elective program in Implant Dentistry and Periodontal Surgery.
After graduating from Dalhousie Dr.Vora practiced in Toronto and is still registered with the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario and his registration status is in good standing. 

Dr. Vora received his training in surgical aspect of Implant Dentistry from MAXHU in Halmstad, Sweden. He has gained over two years of Oral surgery experience and training under consultant, 
Oral and maxillofacial surgeons from England and Scotland, while he worked at various hospitals in the U.K. Read More  ||  View Certificates


I’ve had many experiences with dentists across the lower mainland, Gateway Dental Centre has been my favourite by far. From their friendly staff to their convenient location, Gateway Dental is now my go to place. Their office was nothing but accommodating and always worked around my busy schedule. My first time meeting Dr. Vora was great! He was super understanding of what it was that I needed done as well as informative about all the procedures. He took care of all my cosmetic dental work and left me with a picture perfect smile. As a Miss Universe Canada finalist having a great smile is important to me as it gives me the confidence to put my best foot forward.

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  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mina Khtaria

Initially, when I first started seeing Dr. Vora as my dentist, I was pleased.  Soon I realized that I was getting much more than I had expected.  He is technically extremely competent and that became evident after only one or two appointments.  I've never experienced such painless dentistry.  However, I believe his strength is in his ability to inspire confidence in his patients.  I trust that I am in the hands of a dentist who will truly work with me to get my neglected teeth to where they should be.  He is cost effective and always discusses fully all options.  I will never change dentists again, as I believe he is one of the best in the lower mainland.  I highly recommend him, as I have to my family and friends without hesitation.  On an added note, it is such a great feeling to enter a dentist's office without fear.  Dr. Vora and his staff are, without exception, gentle, kind and friendly.

  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eileen

My experience has always been fantastic with Dr. Vora and his staff. Since the first time I walked in, their warm welcoming atmosphere, impeccable facility, and professional conduct made me feel that I was in the perfect place to have my teeth cleaned and fixed. Dr. Vora is very knowledgeable and knew exactly what to do with my particular case. He had installed a lingual wire behind my top front teeth, which made a huge impact on my smile. He and his staff kept me very involved during the whole process so that I understood what was happening and that I saw its importance within the structure of my teeth. Choosing Dr. Vora to be my dentist was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Dr. Vora is very personable, easy to talk with and makes you feel very comfortable throughout the whole way. The friendly, caring and expert service is top class at this dental office and I recommend them with full confidence! 

Thank you, Dr. Vora and the staff at Gateway Dental!

  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chantel S

Hi my name is Euan, i've been going to Dr.Vora for a number of years. He is a great dentist and is kind and honest. He explains things in great detail, and knows exactly what he's talking about. When you're there with him, he let's you know what needs to be done and what the reasons are behind it. He doesn't rush and usually tells you how long you'll be there at an appointment. His knowledge is amazing, and i know being a patient of his, i'm in good hands. I recommend him to anybody and i know if you go to him, you'll get the best dental care. 

  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Euan C

I have been a patient of Dr.Vora for approximately 6 years, and in that time I have always found him to be extremely competent, kind-hearted and very gentle. His staff, including all the hygienists, the CDA and of course the receptionist, are very warm and friendly each time I visit.

I have had my wisdom teeth surgically removed by him. I waited for 4 years since I was afraid to go to a dentist and he was very gentle with the freezing and skillful in removing the tooth. It took him 45 mins to get rid of them and it was painless. He gave me the right medications to relieve the discomfort after the extractions. He took the time to explain the procedure in detail to me before he started and all the instructions after he was done.

He has also done my Invaslign (which is the invisible braces) and the treatment is almost complete. The result is fantastic (as expected) and now I have a perfect smile.

He has also done some fillings for me and they were painless too.

I would highly recommend the services of Dr. Vora to anyone I know.

  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ R.Sharma

I am a first nations native originally from Saskatchewan. Since I have seen Dr Vora about my teeth problems he has been able to help me eat, smile and talk again. I have seen him for a few years now and in that time my dentist visits have been quick and with little or no pain. My quality of life has improved tenfold and I can enjoy foods that I wasnt able to chew and taste before. My overall health and sleep is very satisfactory.

Thank you Dr Vora.

  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adrian Favel

I consider having chosen Dr. Vora as my dentist to be one of the best things happened to me this past year. After looking around for a good dentist and being referred to him a very good friend ,I am very happy to find Dr.Vora as my dentist.

Recently I broke a crown, and not having been to a dentist in years (in light of some terribly unpleasant dental experiences as a child,)I went there thinking he will advise me to pull that tooth out.( I really did not want to get that tooth pulled out)To my surprise he said I don’t have to get it pulled. He did a gum surgery and placed a post, core and recemented a new crown.

The gum surgery was painless, so was his freezing and I had minimal pain after the surgery. I can bite and eat like before. I had some fillings, cleaning and some more crowns again without any complications.

I truly can’t say enough about Dr. Vora and his staff. They always treat me well, and since they accept assignment I did not have to deal with the insurance companies, they did all that for me.

I would highly recommend Dr.Vora and his team to anybody.(Now my wife is having all her work done by him)

  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- H.Bhatt

Dr. Vora has replaced a couple of fillings for me.

His calm demeanor and gentle ways immediately put me at ease and before I knew it my fillings were done.

It was a very non - stress appointment for me.

  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lori Bonnefoy

Dear Dr. Vora,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have done, especially getting me out of pain. 

You are a wonderful dentist, taking the time to give me all of my options, especially in the treatment planning. Dr. Vora is one of the best that I have been to, especially the injections of the anesthetic. 

Thank you once again for everything.

  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Michele

I have been a patient at gateway dental since 2008, this office was highly recommended to me by my son. I love the dentist and staff there. Dr Vora is very knowledgeable and professional. Thank you so much to Dr Vora and his staff.

  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Camelia Ng

Dr Vora  is amazing. I have been coming to this office since 2005 and my experience here has always been great. They make sure I am very comfortable. They have always accommodated my needs about having my dentures made in one weeks time which usually I know takes longer. I would recommend Dr Vora's office to anyone.

Big thank you to Dr Vora and staff.

  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Betty Royer

I have been a patient of Dr Vora since 2008. Dr Vora along with the rest of his team really make you feel valued as a client. Dr Vora is gentle and informative. He makes coming to the dentist like coming to a friend.

Whatever the problem, he always finds a way to solve it. 

  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Glenda Emery

I've been coming to Dr Vora since 2008 and my husband and 2 children also come here. He is a fantastic dentist!

  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lori McGee

Since childhood, I have been terrified of going to the dentist. When I moved to BC and became a patient of Dr.Vora, I was amazed at how gentle, thorough and competent he was. His staff is very friendly and professional. Going to the dentist is no longer something I dread. I would never hesitate to recommend Dr. Vora to any of my friends and family- even those like me, who have avoided dentists all their lives.

  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- N.Bhatt