Rashika Vora (Dental Hygienist)

Prior to joining the Toronto School of Dental Hygiene in 2003, Rashika had a carrier in Computers and data communication working with JP Morgan in London U.K. Rashika has a pleasant personality and is very gentle with the patients. She takes great interest in planning every individual’s hygiene protocol thoroughly based on their needs. She often gets compliments like “this was painless”  She is  very competent  at her job and in  spite of being gentle and painless she does a thorough job.Her decision to concentrate her skills as a Dental Hygienist was fueled by exposure to the field through her friends. She enjoys all aspects of Dental hygiene, and keeps abreast of the latest developments in the field by participating in many continuing education courses. Her passion for Dental Hygiene extends beyond clinical practice. She also has a strong desire to educate the public about their oral health.

She has been an enthusiastic volunteer, both locally and abroad, and has helped hundreds of people improve their overall oral health.